Feasibility study

A feasibility study is an analysis and evaluation of a set of actions to determine if it is feasible (technically and financially within the time frame) and profitable.

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Financial Instrument (FI)

Financial Instrument (FI) – monetary contract between parties, in the form of a document (such as a check, draft, bond, share, bill of exchange, futures, …). Such instrument may take the form of equity investments, loans or guarantees, or other risk sharing instruments, and may, where appropriate, be combined with grants. They can be created, traded, modified and settled.

Financial model (FM)

Financial model – a scheme (a process or way to) of using different financial instruments for financing different projects or programs (a wide range of techniques to fund and investment that include contractual models such as EPC, ESC and PPP, short and long-term loan arrangements and a variety of crowdfunding models).