When & where

The project NEW FINANCE is being implemented in six Mediterranean countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Spain, with the goal to increase the confidence of public building owners and private investors to overcome the barrier in financing energy efficiency measures at local and regional level. In order to reach this goal the project will focus on effective replication and smart networking activities equally involving stakeholders from public and private sector whilst capitalizing on a number of previous and ongoing similar initiatives.

Project concept is based on transnational knowledge transfer and promotion of unique implementation models from different countries. The project will result in finance contracts for new EE investments in public buildings, as well as in the established network mechanism and well-presented information on showcase implementation models and deliverables allowing for cross-country comparisons can and should be replicated all over Europe.

We have a team, we have the goal and we've got 18 months to finish all we have to do. Time is not long but long enough for achieving the common goal. Each partner knows his role on the project and that is enough for the good start.


Project duration: 18 month

Total budget: 0.93 mil. €

Co-financing:  85%